1. Using the Quicksearch
The Quicksearch is located at the top of every LinkSViewer screen and is best way to search for anything when you already know its name. Whether it's a person, company, investor, or university, if you know the name just type it in and hit the 'Enter' key. All matching results will be displayed to you on a results screen, and on that screen you can click on one or more of the results to see their map.

Search for partial names...
The Quicksearch will match results against whatever entry you put in the Quicksearch field. If you're not sure of an exact spelling of a person or company's name, just enter the part you know (especially if it's a part that won't have a lot of unrelated matches) and search for that. You'll probably find what you were looking for. For example:

If you want to see the map for Andy Bechtolsheim, but you're not sure how to spell Bechtolsheim, just enter the part you know. Try putting this into the Quicksearch:
"becht" or "bechtol"

Other Tips:
- first names can cause problems if you're searching for Andrew and he's listed as Andy, try the last name only
- avoid searching for shortened sections that are too common, like 'ture' which will match every venture firm

Search for more than one at a time...
You can search for multiple entries in the Quicksearch easily. Just separate the entries with a comma and all matches for all entries will be returned. The commas effectively make it an 'OR' search with multiple terms. If you want to search for Google, Redshift Ventures, and Peter Thiel you can type any of these versions into the Quicksearch field for equally effective results:

google, redshift ventures, peter thiel
google, redshift, thiel