4. Using the Information Window and its two Panels
The Information Window is a vertical panel on the right side of the screen that displays additional information to help you interpret and learn from the network maps that are displayed in the main area of the screen. There are two 'views' within the Information Window - (1) the Information Panel as seen on the left below, and (2) the Controls Panel as seen on the right below. You can move back and forth between these views by clicking on the links at the top of the Information Window marked 'Information' and 'Controls.'

Information Panel - learn about and manipulate nodes in the map
The Information Panel is the default display for the Information Window for any map. The Information Panel will always display the information about one of the Target Nodes when a new map is opened. You can click on any node in the map to display the information for that node in the Info Window. If you click on a node (like Google above) that has two types of nodes in the LinkSV data, then you will see both sets of information even if both nodes are not in the map. For example, Google is both a company and an Investor (because as a company it has invested money into other companies). So even though this Info Window came up from the map of Google as a company, its information as an investor shows up in the window as well. This happens similarly for people who are board members and are also individual investors. Click here for more about the Information View.

Controls Panel - manipulate the map
The Controls Panel of the Information Window gives you access to two different sets of controls that allow you to choose what types of relationships are displayed in the map. You can Hide/Show the different link types, and you can also 'collapse' the node types to reveal clusters. Click here for more about the Controls View.