3. Using the features in the Canvas
There are several handy features in the map canvas itself - map-specific information like the Map Title, the ability to click on any node for information and access to more features, and a legend for all link and node types. Continue reading below for more information about these, and related features.

Google Map

Map Title and other Map Information
The Map Title is located in the top right corner of maps. The title, as seen above, tells what type of map (the tab) you are looking at and what the Target Node(s) are. You can remove the title by using the Map Options panel found in the Taskbar. The Map Options will also allow you to put more information in, including listing the filters that have been applied to the map. By including the filters and the title you can view enough information to allow you to recreate the exact same map at a later date, so it's often helpful to include when bookmarking a map, saving it as an image file, or sharing it with someone else.

Click on any Node, and double-click on the people
All nodes are interactive; you can click on any node in any map. If you hover the cursor over a node the name of that node will pop-up. If you click on the node, the information for that node will appear in the Information Window on the right side of the screen. On People nodes, you can double-click, and the LinkSV summary for that person will pop-up in a new window.

Node and Link Legend
The legend for every map automatically is included below the map. It displays the shapes, colors, and patterns that could potentially appear on the map you are looking at. This legend can be removed by using the Map Options panel found on the Taskbar which can be useful if you'd like to display the map image without the legend, but it is usually best to leave the legend in place, especially if you are going to share the map with another person or save it for later as an image file.