Additional Resources
For additional resources, visit our blog and the LinkSViewer Tutorial.
capitalBLOG offers the user a look at different ways that we have used LinkSViewer to analyze relationships and networks around companies, investors, and board members. For example, postings are about current events with companies and funding in Silicon Valley, networks around mergers and acquisitions, and networks around IPOs. This is a free service, but map usage may be limited.

Tutorial offers detailed descriptions of how to use different features in LinkSViewer. It is a great reference for understanding hot to use the LinkSViewer tool.

Here is a list of frequently asked LinkSViewer questions. If you have a question that is not addressed in this section, please contact Brad: brad [at]

1. What is LinkSViewer?
LinkSViewer is a visual network analysis tool for exploring investment relationships in the Link Silicon Valley database. The LinkSViewer product, developed by GroupScope, Inc., offers users over 1.7 trillion unique network views of the investment capital relationships in the Silicon Valley, easily adjustable to highlight whatever you are most interested in.

2. Can I arrange a live demo of this product?
We are more than happy to provide live or online demos of our LinkSViewer product in order to show how it can be used and answer questions specific to your needs. Please contact us with your inquiry.

3. Where does the data come from? How often is it updated?
LinkSViewer is a visual interface to explore Link Silicon Valley ( database. LinkSV is currently a free service that collects and updates information about capital relations and personnel in the Silicon Valley. Corrections regarding data errors can be sent to LinkSV, and as LinkSViewer is updated daily with new information from LinkSV.

4. Is it free? How much does it cost?
LinkSViewer is available for a monthly subscription of $25, but you can register for a free two week trial membership. Group and corporate license discounts are available. It is also available as part of a discount bundle package for the combined services of LinkSV and LinkSViewer.

5. How do I use it? Is training available?
For help in learning the basics of LinkSViewer, please read this tutorial. Advanced training tailored to your needs and uses of the software is available. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about personalized network analysis training.

6. Can this interface be applied to other datasets?
If you have a dataset with relational information, you can see and explore it in an interface like LinkSViewer. Please contact us to talk about licensing this technology, as well as what kind of features could be personalized to match your needs.